How to safely buy an iPhone on the Internet.


How to buy an iPhone on the Internet and do not become a victim of fraud?

Always choose a trusted sellers with a good reputation. Ask him to send IMEI and Serial numbers. Check Serial Number at and compare basic tech spec. (model, color, memory size, etc.).

Then, check the IMEI at page. Choose Basic + Find my iPhone options.

The results of checking will be like:

Model: iPhone 5C 16GB White
IMEI: 013836001234567
Serial Number: F73LD000FFHG
Activated: No
Phone Technical Support: 90 Days Phone Support (93 days)
Repairs & Service Coverage: Limited Warranty (367 days)
started on: 2013-12-13
ended on: 2014-12-12
Carrier: Retail Unlock
SIM Lock: Unlocked
Find my iPhone: Off

Compare the Serial Number in the checking results with number from seller. They must be the same.

If you buying brand new iPhone, Activation status must be No.

Make sure that the Sim-Lock status is Unlocked and Find my iPhone is Off.

This is the only way, somehow, to protect yourself from buying fakes, but still, we do not claim that it is 100% working, because quality of fakes is constantly improving.

Remember, closed package does not guarantee that inside the new iPhone.

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