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LoSToleN - The database of IMEI and serial numbers of lost or stolen phones, smartphones, cameras and other devices *


To check for the presence of the device in the database, it is enough to enter the IMEI or serial number on the main page. If the device is present in the database, an warning message will be displayed in the results page:


Device registration

* What happened:
Reward for return:

Terms of Use

Taking these conditions using the service, you confirm that you are the legal owner of the registered device or represent their interests.
We are not intermediaries between you and the person who found your device.
For searching lost or stolen devices are used the IMEI or serial number.
If someone has found your device, then check its IMEI or serial number in our database, he is will be able to send you an email.
After adding the device, you will receive an email to verify email addresses. Only after successful confirmation your device will activated in the database.

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Unfortunately, the number of lost and stolen phones, cameras and other equipment continue to grow. Therefore, people who have become a victim of such confusion, trying to use every opportunity to find a phone. LoSToleN one of these opportunities to help find a stolen phone, camera or other device.

Add the stolen phone to the LoSToleN database

LoSToleN - The databse of lost or stolen phones, cameras and other electronic equipment.

It's the fastest and easiest way to tell that you lost your device. Use LoSToleN service to add IMEI or serial number of lost or stolen device to global world wide database. This helps to prevent the spread of the stolen equipment and can help with finding missing.

How it work?

LoSToleN as a part of SNDeepInfo service, it's a very popular database. Most people use it to check device before to buy it. Thousands of IMEI and serial numbers are checked every day. When you do a check on the Home page and see an "Attention" field like on the picture it's mean, that this device was stolen.

LoSToleN sample image

* Supports IMEI of all mobile phones, as well as serial numbers of any Apple, Samsung, HTC, Motorola and LG devices.