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LoSToleN - The database of IMEI and serial numbers of lost or stolen phones, smartphones, cameras and other devices *

To check for the presence of the device in the database, it is enough to enter the IMEI or serial number on the main page. If the device is present in the database, an warning message will be displayed in the results page:


Device registration

Select manufacturer
* What happened:
Reward for return:

Terms of Use

Taking these conditions using the service, you confirm that you are the legal owner of the registered device or represent their interests.
We are not intermediaries between you and the person who found your device.
For searching lost or stolen devices are used the IMEI or serial number.
If someone has found your device, then check its IMEI or serial number in our database, he is will be able to send you an email.
After adding the device, you will receive an email to verify email addresses. Only after successful confirmation your device will activated in the database.

* Agree to the terms:

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Answers to frequently asked questions

How to change the sum of reward?

You should delete the device from the database and re-register it with a valid data.


How to change a status from lost to stolen?

You should delete the device from the database and re-register it with a right status.


How to delete the device from LoSToleN?

After finishing the registration in the database and confirming an e-mail address, you will recive the letter with a link for deleting device. After clicking on this link, the device is deleted from a database.

If you have lost the letter with a link for deleting, send a request to with IMEI or a serial number. A request has to be sent from that e-mail address, which was specified while adding device in the database.


I found the phone, what to do?

Do not switch it off or do not change a SIM card, most likely, after some time the owner of this phone will call on it and you will be able to agree about the return.

If there was not a call or the phone is discharged, register IMEI or a serial number in the database of lost devices LoSToleN with the mark “Found”. If an owner checks it on this site, he will be able to contact you via e-mail.


How you will search my phone?

To determine the location of the phone using IMEI or a serial number without using special operator’s opportunities, law enforcement agencies or intelligence agencies is impossible.

Service SNDeepInfo and the base of stolen devices LoSToleN are not directly involved in a search. We give an opportunity to the person, who has found the phone, to contact you via e-mail.

Thousands of phones and other devices are checked daily using service SNDeepInfo. After registration the phone in the database LoSToleN and checking, the warning that this number is on the wanted list appears.

This simple procedure not only increases the chance to return a lost phone, but also greatly complicates the opportunity to the further resale of a stolen device.


What to do if somebody has registered your phone?

Try to contact via e-mail with the person who has registered it.

If you will not agree about returning the device, send a request to specify as detailed as possible data about when you purchased the phone, when it has been stolen, when you checked it or registered on SNDeepInfo for the first time. Attach an image of the box and make it clearly visible the serial number and IMEI, the bill, guarantee or any other document confirming the purchase, and if you have, the copy of the statement for the police…


Unfortunately, the number of lost and stolen phones, photo cameras and other devices continues to increase. Therefore, people, who have become a victim of such misunderstandings, try to use any opportunity to find a phone. LoSToleN is one of such opportunities, which will help to find a stolen phone, photo camera or other device.

What to do if your phone is stolen

The first thing that can be done is to call the operator and block SIM card. In this way you will save money on your phone bill. However, to find a phone using IMEI, and even to return it is not always possible. Searching the phone using IMEI and determining its location without help of mobile operator and law enforcement agencies is a long and a complex task. During this time, a plotter can change phone’s IMEI and sell it on the market. For this reason, all technologies, which propose to find a phone via IMEI are ineffective.

Do not tell anyone IMEI code, serial number and circumstances under which the incident took place, as well as special distinctive marks of your device. Do not register a stolen phone in different databases, which require and publish a publicly available information about the device or about circumstances of the incident. Using this information, fraudsters can tell that they have found your device.

Add a stolen phone in LoSToleN base

IMEI base of stolen phones, photo cameras and other mobile and electronic devices is the fastest and affordable way to file for the loss. Use the service LoSToleN to add phone’s IMEI or a serial number in a base of stolen phones. Black lists and bases of stolen phones, similar to LoSToleN, are an obstacle to encash stolen devices. Appoint, if you see fit, a reward to that person, who will find a loss. When purchasing devices and phones, customers often use service SNDeepInfo to check the phone’s IMEI to determine the presence in the base of stolen devices.

Help an owner to find the phone

If you happen to find phone, photo camera, notebook or any other device, check it’s IMEI or a serial number to determine it’s presence in the base of stolen phones and devices. If it is registered in our database, then there will be a warning about the device is marked as lost or stolen.

LoSToleN sample image

Perhaps the owner has already notified about the loss and appointed the reward. Then you will be given an e-mail to communicate with a legal owner.

During the correspondence, find out all details and circumstances of a find, date, time, location and also ask to send a photo of your device. If it is a phone, ask a photo with an open list of contacts, if it is a photo camera – a photo with last photos taken on your device or any other photo, using which you can definitely find out that it is your device.

Only after 100% making sure that it is your device, make an appointment. Never go to a meeting alone! Be careful!

* Supports IMEI of all mobile phones, as well as serial numbers of any Apple, Samsung, HTC, Motorola and LG devices.
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